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Marple Newtown Swim Club is a private, nonprofit, recreational club, operating from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Each member of the club is an owner of the club and must purchase a bond from the corporation. The bond is fully refundable, nonnegotiable, and non-transferable. The share must be held for a period of at least one year from the date of purchase.

2017 Membership Pricing

1st Member $100
2nd Member $150
3rd Member $125
4th Member $125
All Additional $100/Member

Capital Improvement Fee = $50
Taxes and Insurance Fee = $100

Initiation Fee = $200 (all new members will be given a $50 off coupon reducing the fee to $150 with coupon code ‘WEBSITE”)

We are also offering a bondless year (1) option to new members. With this option, new members will begin paying their bond fees in year (2) and finish in year (3).

Bond (Year 1) = $150
Bond (Year 2) = $150

*any current member who refers a friend or family member will receive a free book of guest passes (a $50 value).










MNSC Application 2017 (PDF)
MNSC Application 2017 (EXCEL)

Please email with your contact information, and we’ll contact you shortly. Thank you.

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